Selasa, 01 Desember 2009

Dragon Breath

In a school was a little, clever and beautiful girl. The little girl was called as Sherly. Many people were admiring her beauty and her intelegency. On the other hand, She had a bad manner. She never brushed her teeth before she was going to school. Sherly’s Mom often reminded her to brush her teeth before she went to school. But Sherly always denied her Mama’s advice. She never felt that she had a smell breath.
After a long time, Sherly awared that there were many of her friends kept away from her. Sherly became so sad about what happened to her. Then Sherly reported this case to her Mom.
“Mama... Now, I don’t have any friend. There were many friends of mine said that I have a smell breath.” Sherly said sadly.
Hearing her lovely daughther’s moan, Mama was just smilling and saying,”I’ve said that you do not forget to brush your teeth before you go to school. Started from now, would you brush your teeth before going to school?”
After that, Sherly always brushed her teeth before going to school. If Sherly was forgotthen, Mama always reminded Sherly, and Sherly would be obidient. Sherly’s friends became more and more increase in number, because they did not smell a bad smell which was coming from Sherly’s mouth.

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