Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

Don't Forget To Come Back

I stand on the edge of the pool.

My mother is behind me, and ask me to jump into the water.

He said that I will get many lessons and experiences when I am swimming.

And I am jumping into the water.

I move my hand calmly.

I flick my leg strongly.

I try to keep the balance of my body.

When I am swimming,
I can learn about....

How deep is the pool?

How cold is the water?

How strong am I?

How expert am I in swimming?

And when I am in the middle of the pool,
my mother shout," Do not forget to come back my sweetheart!"

There are many people forget about their derivation after they get success.

Give spirit to your sweetheart that he has to struggle to reach something.
Whatever the result and what he has got, he should tell and share to the others (especially for the parents).
and remind him about what he has got.