Selasa, 01 Desember 2009

Buddy’s Flattery

Buddy’s flattery

A cat was walking with a cake in her mouth. The cat was called as Blacky. Blacky would bring the cake to his house, so that he could enjoy the cake patiently and calmly.

In the journey, when she was climbing a tree, she met a dog who was called as Buddy. Buddy was known as a braggart and also a liar dog. Seeing Blacky had been bringing a piece of cake, Buddy called Blacky and said,”Blacky... . Today you look so pretty. With your black sparkle fur, you look so sweet. Your eyes look so sharp and beauty and gush like stars. Your movements were so supple and will admire every creature that was seeing you.
Hearing Buddy’s braggart, Blacky was fallen asleep. Blacky was really like to be lauded. Her heart was flying away because she felt a special happiness when she was lauded.

Blacky continued his flattery, “I know that a beautiful creature like you has also a beautiful voice. Would you please singing a song for me?

Blacky knew and felt that he has a beautiful voice. So unconsciously Blacky’s mouth was opened and ready to show her beautiful voice. But after Blacky was just opening her mouth, unconsciously Blacky has dropped the cake to the ground. Apparently, Blacky was forgotten if she brought a piece of cake because of Buddy’s flattery. Immediately, Buddy caught the cake with his feet. Blacky could not do anything.

Then Buddy said happily, “Thanks Blacky for the cake. I have paid the cake with my flatteries! Have a nice day.....”

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