Selasa, 01 Desember 2009

Andy The Rule Breaker


In a big city, there is a boy who is called Andi. He is a boy who likes to break a rule. In every place, he always looks for the rules that can be broken. For Andi, a rule is something to break, not to be obeyed. Andi will feel special satisfaction after breaking a rule. For example, when he was walking around a market. When he was reading a rule written,”DO NOT SMOKE!”, on the contrary, Andi was smoking in the market without guilty feeling. Then when he was warned by a security, he was not regret, moreover he ran and continue his smoking.
One day, he is walking around the city while look for the rules that can be broken. In the journey, he is gazing to an empty yard and wide enough. Andi feels anxious to know why there is no one in the yard. The yard is borderd by grating iron bars. Andi is so happy when seeing a rule board from the far distance. Andi is immadiately nearing the rule board. Andi just reads the board rule in a glance. Andi only reads the uppest and biggest writing which is written on the rule board and runs at the same time. The uppest and biggest writing is “DON’T ENTER...”. Under the “DON’T ENTER...” writing , there are some small writings which are not read by Andi yet.
Andi runs and says happily, “Do not enter? Yihaaaaaaaaa.... OK... I will enter!”
And then Andi is running to the entrance of the yard. Unexpectedly, the entrance is locked. Andi, who is so sly, of course does not want to lose his trickiness. Andi’s body is so slim and small, she can pass the grating iron bars easily which is boarding the yard.
After he can pass the grating iron bars easily, Andi walks around the yard. Andi can not find something unusual in the yard. But he is so enjoying his success because he can enter the yard. When Andi is walking around the yard, Andi sees another rule board. This time the rule board is written,” Second Warning: PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE FIRST WARNING NEAR FROM THE ENTRANCE.” After he finishes the writing, of course she will not be back to the entrance, because she will always break the rule. Then Andi continues his journey.
After he walks about eighty meters, Andi is seeing another rule board. The board is written,”THIRD WARNING: PLEASE PAY ANTTENTIN TO THE SECOND WARNING AND THE FIRST WARNING.” Andi is reading the rule board and laughing at the same time. Andi’s hobby is breaking the rule, of course she will not obey this third rule, so Andi continues his journey.
Along the journey, Andi does not meet even one person. Andi is really anxious now,” Why? In a wide area like this, I can not find even one person?” Andi said in his heart. About ten meters from Andi is standing now, there is a rule board again. Andi is nearing the rule board with a tired condition. Andi’s weat starts to make Andi’s shirt wet.
And then Andi is getting at front the fourth rule. The fourth board rule is written,”YOU ARE ENTERING THE SAFE AREA, PLEASE YOU CONTINUE YOUR TRIP.” Andi is thingking for awhile,”What rule I can break from the writing on the board?” Afther thinking for a while, Andi has an idea,” So... Now I have to go back to the first board. Because I “may noy” continue my trip.” And then Andi is back to the entrance, a place where the first rule board is stood.
After Andi is walking about 100 meters, a sound of explosion can be heard loudly. The explosion can surprising a number of bird that are perched on a branch around the yard. Apparently, the explosion is coming from a place where Andi is standing. Andi unconsciously tread on a land trap. Andi’s body is scorched and ugly. Andi’s clothes is burnt because of the explosion. Andi is not courageous again because he is so affraid. He does not want to step on the trap. She thinks that maybe there are still many traps in the yard.
Andi’s explosion can be heard by the security who is guarding the yard. Then some securities are coming by a helicopter to save Andi from that dangerous place. Andi is immadiately taken to the hospital by the helicopter. Fortunately, the trap has no high explosion, so Andi is just getting light burnt wound.
After the incident and getting well from the burnt wound, Andi becomes a good boy. Andi is never breaking a rule again. He always obeys the rule whereever he is. One day, Andi wants to walk in the outside of the trap area. Andi is so anxious, then he is walking to the entrance. He finds the first rule board and afterward he reads the first rule board which is written,”DO NOT ENTER... .” Then Andi is reading the small writing under the “DO NOT ENTER” writing. The others writing on the board are,”FORMER OF WAR LAND. THERE ARE STILL MANY LAND TRAPS>

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