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Gala and Hari

Gala and Hari

Hay.... My name was Gala. I was a kind of wild animal that was called as wolf. I had a friend that was called as Hari. He was a kind of tiger. In my forest, wild animals had a very good relation. I had many wild animal friends, like lions, bear, puma, etc. We often hunted together, played around together, walked together, and did many activities.

One day, I heard that Hari’s Granny was sick. I wanted to look her out. I bought some cakes that would be given to her. I did not know her too much. I hope that my visiting would make the relation between the tiger and the wolf became better.

I was getting out form my house in the morning. I hoped that I could go back to my house before the night of the day.

In my journey, I met Hari. Apparently, Hari also wanted to visit his Granny, who had been ill. Hari was a bad tampered tiger. He was easy to be angry. If he was angry, he would hit the one who made him angry. He was so easy to be angry because of a little thing.

I accepted bad treatment from Hari along the journey. If I walked to fast, he would hit me. If I walked too slowly, he would hit me. Hari was so fussy. I was getting some hits, because he felt that I did not listen to him.
I was just a wolf. I was not as strong as him. But I had wider mouth than him. It is a pity I had no guts to against him, because tiger’s social status was higher than a wolf liked me. I had to honor him. If i did not do that, I would be expelled by the wild animals.

About three hours later, we were getting to Hari’s Granny. I was asked to knock the door. I could not ignore it. A minute later, I heard some steps of foot approaching the entrance. Then the door was opened from the inside. I saw an old woman who was so lean. I started to imagine the stupid thing. I imagine a pile of bones in front of me, I like that. I really liked deer bone, and that was my favourite. As a wild animal, of course she knew what I thought about. Hari’s Granny then felt that there was a wolf ready to pounce on her.
Spontaneously, Hari’s Granny was shouting loudly,”Huaaaaaa....!!!!”

Hearing the scream of Hari’s Granny, when she was seeing me, Hari of course became so angry. He then hit me from the back. My body was pushed to the front. Hari hit me hardily; it made me spontaneously shouting too. I shouted, Ouch....Ma....” Actually, I would shout,” Ouch... Mama...”, but before I said the second “Ma”, my opened and pushed to the front had unconsciously swallowed Hari’s Granny who was fainted. My head was so dizzy because of Hari’s hit, my breath was choked off because of my overly full stomach. Seeing the incident, Hari did not help me, and even he was hitting my head again. Finally, I was fainted.

When I was in fainted condition, Hari became so confuse. He then immediately ran to call the ambulance with a phone call in his Granny house. A minute later, the ambulance was coming. I was taken to the hospital by the ambulance.

When I was regained consciousness, I saw Hari and his Granny beside me. They were sitting on a chair. Hari felt so sorry because he had hit me and made me swallow his Granny’s body unconsciously. Fortunately, Hari’s Granny was fine. Hari told me that I was getting Caesar surgery to take Hari’s Granny out from my body. I thought that It seemed like a way to take a baby. I also saw some sutures on my stomach.

Since that time, Hari was changing. Hari became more patient and never hit anymore. Now, Hari was my good friend, we often hunted deer and rabbit together.

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