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Respecting To Be Respected

Mr. James was a successful businessman and a very rich man. He lived in a luxurious house with his wife, a daughter, and a son. The daughter was called as Jessy, and the son was called as Jessa. James family had three waiters. They had their own duty. James family had a laundryman, a dry cleaner, and a chef. Although James family was a honor ed family, but Mr. And Mrs. James always taught their children to respect anybody.
Jessy obeyed her parents’ advice, and Jessa did not. Jessy always respected every servant in the house, and Jessa always treat the servant well when his parents were in front of him only.
One day, Mr. and Mrs. James got a marriage invitation from their business relation. The invitation was just for two people, because the marriage party would be held exclusively, and would stayed overnight for some days. It means that Mr. and Mrs. James should go to the party without their both children.
One day after the marriage invitation was accepted, Mr. and Mrs. James was going to the party. Now Jessy and Jessa had to stay in the house together with the servants. Although there was no parent in the house, Jessy still respected each of her servants. Different with Jessy, since his parents were not in the house, Jessa was more and more strict to his servants.
No body was perfect, included when he or she was doing a duty. Jessa would be angry with the chef and would talk roughly when the food, which was cooked by the chef, was not appropriate to his taste. When the house was dirty, and even a sheet of leave was in the house, Jessa would reprimand the house cleaner loudly.
Different from Jessy, Jessy always gave good advices to the servants when they made mistake. Jessy sometimes gave advice to his brother when he scolded the servants loudly. But Jessy’s advices were never be heard by Jessa. Jessa still could not respect to the servants.
Jessy was so sad because of her brother’s bad and strict behaviour. She wanted to change her brother’s negative behaviours. One day, Jessy had a good idea and she wanted to try it.
In the morning, like usual, they would have breakfast together. The food and the beverage looked very yummy were on the food table. When Jessy and Jessa were sitting on the chair, Jessa said, “Was the food cooked by our servant today delicious, what do you think? “
Jessy was saying nothing for a moment, then Jessy said while asking her brother to eat the food, “Never mind, lets we enjoy the food on the chair.”
But after Jessa tasted a little soup, Jessa was complaining, “What kind of food is this? It was less salty. It has no taste.”
Then Jessa was calling the chef loudly, “I Sany... Come here!”
A minute later, Sany was coming in fornt of Jess, “What’s the matter my lord?” Sany said scarely.
“What kind of food is this? How could you make a less tasty food? If you could not do your job well, I would fire you!”Jessa said angrily.
And the chef said haltingly, “ lord...” Before the servant finished his talking, Jessa said, “Don’t! Do not say but again! Now you have to cook another food!! And you have to throw this rotten food away!”
Jessy, that was saying nothing before, said softly,”Jessa, I made this food for you, do you know it? I cook this food special for you.”
Hearing his sister’s words, Jessa was speechless. Jessa was silent, standing, then walking to his bed room. He was closing the door of his bedroom, and saying nothing in the bed-room.
Next day, Jessy always helped her chef to cook, cleaning the house, and even washing the dishes. Knowing the things, Jessa could say nothing. Jessa had no courage to get angry, because when Jessa was angry with his servant, he would also face his sister, some one who was honoured and loved by himself. Finally, Jessy became more and more patient. If one of his servants made a mistake, Jessa would not get angry again. Jessy would give him or her some advices softly and politely. And even Jessa would do something he could do himself.
Jessy and all servants were very happy to see Jessa’s changing that was so drastic. One week later, Mr. and Mrs. James were going home. Jessy told all the occurrences to her parents. Mr. and Mrs. James of course was very happy hearing the changing of Jessa’s behaviour. Mr. and Mrs. James was very happy hearing the changing of Jessa behaviours. Since that time, James family became happier than before, because each of the servants was considered as family by James family. All servants were better and better doing their jobs, because they were not haunted by the Jessa’s angriness’. The servants could do their jobs peacefully and happily.

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