Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

Missy’s Preparation

Missy’s Preparation

Once upon a time, there was a mouse that was called Missy. Missy was so busy collecting the seeds. She moved the seeds from the land to her nest. She did that job because some days later would be dry season. The excact time was unknown, but Missy wanted to prepare anything earlier. Almost all the forest dwellers knew about that thing. Missy hoped that she could survive along the dry season if she heaped the seeds up.

Unconsciously, Missy met Birdy, a myna bird. That bird have been singing and playing. He was flying from one branch to the others. Missy then asked Birdy,”Dry season will come some weeks later, why don’t you heap some seeds for you to be eaten?”

Birdy answered lightly,” Be calm, the dry season was still long happened. We still have much time.

Hearing Birdy’s answer, which was so lightly, Missy could not say and do anything anymore. So Missy was continuing her job to heap the seeds.

Someday later, the dry season was coming. Unexpectedly, the dry seasom was coming earlier than all animals thought. Birdy started to collect some seeds. Birdy had difficulty to find some seeds, because most of the seeds had been harvested by the farmers and some animal. Some of the were withered.

Day by day, Birdy flied form one place to other places. Birdy became more and more difficult to find something to be eaten. Further Birdy was flying, Birdy’s body become weaker. Finally, Birdy was died because he was famished. Missy, in her nest, was sleeping tightly and enjoys her food.

Moral Message:

Do it now, if you can do it now.