Rabu, 30 Desember 2009

Good Night 2

The Day is So Dark...
But make his heart stay bright...
Lets Sing this Lulalby song for him...

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Senin, 28 Desember 2009

Let's Sing A Happy Song

When your sweetheart feels sad...

When your sweetheart feels lonely..

Sing this song for him!!!

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Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

Missy’s Preparation

Missy’s Preparation

Once upon a time, there was a mouse that was called Missy. Missy was so busy collecting the seeds. She moved the seeds from the land to her nest. She did that job because some days later would be dry season. The excact time was unknown, but Missy wanted to prepare anything earlier. Almost all the forest dwellers knew about that thing. Missy hoped that she could survive along the dry season if she heaped the seeds up.

Unconsciously, Missy met Birdy, a myna bird. That bird have been singing and playing. He was flying from one branch to the others. Missy then asked Birdy,”Dry season will come some weeks later, why don’t you heap some seeds for you to be eaten?”

Birdy answered lightly,” Be calm, the dry season was still long happened. We still have much time.

Hearing Birdy’s answer, which was so lightly, Missy could not say and do anything anymore. So Missy was continuing her job to heap the seeds.

Someday later, the dry season was coming. Unexpectedly, the dry seasom was coming earlier than all animals thought. Birdy started to collect some seeds. Birdy had difficulty to find some seeds, because most of the seeds had been harvested by the farmers and some animal. Some of the were withered.

Day by day, Birdy flied form one place to other places. Birdy became more and more difficult to find something to be eaten. Further Birdy was flying, Birdy’s body become weaker. Finally, Birdy was died because he was famished. Missy, in her nest, was sleeping tightly and enjoys her food.

Moral Message:

Do it now, if you can do it now.

Kamis, 24 Desember 2009

Obey The Rules

Ask your Sweet Heart To Obey The Rules....
For his goodness

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Rabu, 23 Desember 2009

Before We Start The Class

You can sing this song in the begining of the class...
It can make the students or your sweetheart become Happy and Smile....

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Kamis, 17 Desember 2009

How Do You Do

A song that can be taught to your sweetheart when he meets a new friend.
I am sure that your sweeetheart can be close faster when he sings this song
to someone he has just known and met.

Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

You Are a Big Boy

You are a big boy

The function of this song si to entertaint ur sweetheart, when he is crying.
You can sing this song to make your sweetheart become stronger. Ask him to laugh by singin this song.

Kamis, 10 Desember 2009

Card of TACA Table Game

Thiese Cards are used for TACA Table Game.
Find The Table, The dices, The pawn, etc in this blog. And Play it with your sweetheart!

Dices of TACA gane.

_The Dices are used to determine how many steps the player to walk.
_You have to shake the dices or throw it gently.
_If you have twin number (1 and 1, 2 and 2, etc) you can throw or shake the dices again.

Pawn of TACA Game

There are 4 pawns in this game.
The pawns are used by the players to play the TACA game.
Each player has to choose on pawn as the figure that will be played.
Each pawn has to start from the "START (1)".

TACA (Throw A Card Away) Table.

This is the table of the TACA Game..
Play it with the dices, pawns, cards, and TACA tables.
Play it with your sweetheart and or together with his friends.
Take the pawns on the START triangle at the TACA table.
Share the all cards randomly and hidden.
Throw the dices.
You have two dices, the first dice is the dice of sum.

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What is angry with love?

Is angry always bad?

When your sweetheart do a bad thing, maybe sometimes you can be angry with him.
Angry with love is angry that is not just exciting your emotion.
It would be better if you firstly know the mistake which is done by your sweetheart exactly.
If you know the mistake of your sweetheart, you can give him appropriate and right advices.

But wait....

A chil has a sensitive heart.
Do not let him alone after you angry with him.
Sometimes he might be so sad.

What can you do?

Give him something he likes, as candy, toy, etc.
Ask him to play or sing...............!!!

Have fun!

Domisol Card (Do Card)

How To Play Domisol?

The way to play this card is almost the same as DOMINO card.
If you find number 2, you have to pair it according to the number of the animals on the card.
You have to make 3 lines according to the name of the card (Do, Mi, or Sol).
If your sweetheart can not count yet, you can help him to count the number of the animals.
If your sweetheart does not know about number yet, you can tell him.
It will be a fun game to play for children, and a fun way to study about number and counting.

Have fun!


Domisl Card (Mi Card)

Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

Don't Forget To Come Back

I stand on the edge of the pool.

My mother is behind me, and ask me to jump into the water.

He said that I will get many lessons and experiences when I am swimming.

And I am jumping into the water.

I move my hand calmly.

I flick my leg strongly.

I try to keep the balance of my body.

When I am swimming,
I can learn about....

How deep is the pool?

How cold is the water?

How strong am I?

How expert am I in swimming?

And when I am in the middle of the pool,
my mother shout," Do not forget to come back my sweetheart!"

There are many people forget about their derivation after they get success.

Give spirit to your sweetheart that he has to struggle to reach something.
Whatever the result and what he has got, he should tell and share to the others (especially for the parents).
and remind him about what he has got.

Learn About How to Survive

Learn About How to Survive

The son said to his father,"Daddy... I am so thirsty, Would you get me a glass of water?

The Father answered,"No... I wouldn't. I am sorry my sweetheart, get it yourself."

The mother said,"Why don't you help him? You shouldn't be like that!"

The Father said,"Let our sweetheart learn about how to survive himself."

There are many children can not save themselves because they were too pampered.

Moral Teachings:
Let your sweetheart do something himself. Let him learn about something new and survive himself.

Domisol Card (Sol Card)

Baldie (The Bald-Headed Ghost)

The Characters of Baldie:

He is bald-headed.
He wears green shirt.
She is smily ghost.

Story of Baldie:
Baldie is a nice ghost. He likes to smile to ghosts and peolple. He wants to make friend with people, but everybody is scared when he or she is seeing Baldie. Do you want to be his friend?

Wingki (Ghost with a pair of wings)

The characters of wingky:
He has wings.
He wears red shirt.
He wears purple pants.
He wars green shoes.
The background of the picture is light blue.

The story of Wingky:
Wingky is a crused angle. He was crused because he stole a holly fruit. Gods asked him to make 10 kindnesses for people to become an angle again. It is not easy to make 10 kindnesses. Would you help him?

Why is crawling process very important for children?

Crawling process is very important for baby because it can train the balance of the right and left brain.

Me and The Moon

Me and the moon

Look at the sky,
there is a moon.
Look at the moon,
there are many stars around it.
Decorating the space,
Creating a beautiful night.

The moon is smiling cheerfully,
gazing the thousands of twinkle stars.
There is no urge for the moon,
Even one of many stars is falling and leaving.
If there is no star around the moon.
There is only the moon,
darkness, and emptiness.
Ohh... I’d be happy if you become one of the stars.
And will be a star along my life.
Do you know why???
Because I am the moon

Rabu, 02 Desember 2009

Selasa, 01 Desember 2009

Respecting To Be Respected

Mr. James was a successful businessman and a very rich man. He lived in a luxurious house with his wife, a daughter, and a son. The daughter was called as Jessy, and the son was called as Jessa. James family had three waiters. They had their own duty. James family had a laundryman, a dry cleaner, and a chef. Although James family was a honor ed family, but Mr. And Mrs. James always taught their children to respect anybody.
Jessy obeyed her parents’ advice, and Jessa did not. Jessy always respected every servant in the house, and Jessa always treat the servant well when his parents were in front of him only.
One day, Mr. and Mrs. James got a marriage invitation from their business relation. The invitation was just for two people, because the marriage party would be held exclusively, and would stayed overnight for some days. It means that Mr. and Mrs. James should go to the party without their both children.
One day after the marriage invitation was accepted, Mr. and Mrs. James was going to the party. Now Jessy and Jessa had to stay in the house together with the servants. Although there was no parent in the house, Jessy still respected each of her servants. Different with Jessy, since his parents were not in the house, Jessa was more and more strict to his servants.
No body was perfect, included when he or she was doing a duty. Jessa would be angry with the chef and would talk roughly when the food, which was cooked by the chef, was not appropriate to his taste. When the house was dirty, and even a sheet of leave was in the house, Jessa would reprimand the house cleaner loudly.
Different from Jessy, Jessy always gave good advices to the servants when they made mistake. Jessy sometimes gave advice to his brother when he scolded the servants loudly. But Jessy’s advices were never be heard by Jessa. Jessa still could not respect to the servants.
Jessy was so sad because of her brother’s bad and strict behaviour. She wanted to change her brother’s negative behaviours. One day, Jessy had a good idea and she wanted to try it.
In the morning, like usual, they would have breakfast together. The food and the beverage looked very yummy were on the food table. When Jessy and Jessa were sitting on the chair, Jessa said, “Was the food cooked by our servant today delicious, what do you think? “
Jessy was saying nothing for a moment, then Jessy said while asking her brother to eat the food, “Never mind, lets we enjoy the food on the chair.”
But after Jessa tasted a little soup, Jessa was complaining, “What kind of food is this? It was less salty. It has no taste.”
Then Jessa was calling the chef loudly, “I Sany... Come here!”
A minute later, Sany was coming in fornt of Jess, “What’s the matter my lord?” Sany said scarely.
“What kind of food is this? How could you make a less tasty food? If you could not do your job well, I would fire you!”Jessa said angrily.
And the chef said haltingly, “But...but...but...my lord...” Before the servant finished his talking, Jessa said, “Don’t! Do not say but again! Now you have to cook another food!! And you have to throw this rotten food away!”
Jessy, that was saying nothing before, said softly,”Jessa, I made this food for you, do you know it? I cook this food special for you.”
Hearing his sister’s words, Jessa was speechless. Jessa was silent, standing, then walking to his bed room. He was closing the door of his bedroom, and saying nothing in the bed-room.
Next day, Jessy always helped her chef to cook, cleaning the house, and even washing the dishes. Knowing the things, Jessa could say nothing. Jessa had no courage to get angry, because when Jessa was angry with his servant, he would also face his sister, some one who was honoured and loved by himself. Finally, Jessy became more and more patient. If one of his servants made a mistake, Jessa would not get angry again. Jessy would give him or her some advices softly and politely. And even Jessa would do something he could do himself.
Jessy and all servants were very happy to see Jessa’s changing that was so drastic. One week later, Mr. and Mrs. James were going home. Jessy told all the occurrences to her parents. Mr. and Mrs. James of course was very happy hearing the changing of Jessa’s behaviour. Mr. and Mrs. James was very happy hearing the changing of Jessa behaviours. Since that time, James family became happier than before, because each of the servants was considered as family by James family. All servants were better and better doing their jobs, because they were not haunted by the Jessa’s angriness’. The servants could do their jobs peacefully and happily.

The Broken Doll

The Broken Doll

Mandy was a beautiful teen girl. She had a wood doll which had just been bought by his father. Everyday, Mandy always played with that doll. Mandy loved the doll so much.
One day, Mandy played with that doll. Suddenly, the doll was fallen down when Mandy was carrying on the doll. The doll was broken on the hand. Mandy was so sad to see her lovely wood doll broken at the hand.
And then Mandy wanted to ask her father’s help to repair the doll. Mandy looked for her daddy from one room to the others room, but she did not find him. A minute later, Mandy found her daddy who was in the garden.
Mandy then begged her daddy,” Dad.... May I ask for a help to you to repair this doll. The doll has just been fallen, and has broken on its hand.”
Then Mandy’s dad asked, “Have you tried to repair it by yourself?”
Mandy answered, “Not yet, Dad... .”
Afterward, Mandy’s Dad was giving her an advice, “So it’d be better for you to repair the doll yourself as you can do. If you really have a difficulty, you may ask Dad a help to repair it.
In the beginning, Mandy was disappointed by her father’s answer. But she knew that her father loved her so much, and what her father suggested was for her kindness.
Hardily, Mandy tried to repair the doll herself. Mandy tried to repair the wood doll with the wood glue that was usually used by her father to repair something made by the wood.
Finally, Mandy succeeded to repair the doll. After the doll had been repaired, Mandy ran to the garden to meet her father. After Mandy met her father, Mandy said, “Dad.... Look, I have succeeded to repair the doll myself.”
Mandy’s dad was just smiling and saying happily, You are great... . You have got a precious lesson in your difficulty today, because you have done a hard effort.”

The Meaning of Togetherness

The Meaning of Togetherness

Budi, Tono, and Reny were old friend. They were chatting together. They will go to the city center for playing in the GAME AREA. In the trip, they were asking each other about the food they like. They asked about favorite food because they had planned to have lunch together. They had not been having lunch together.
Budi asked Tono and Reny,”Do you like chicken soup>:
“Yes...I like it so much.”Reny replied.
“Oh... I’m so sorry; I do not like chicken soup”. Tono said.
Then Reny asked Budi and Tono,”How about fried chicken? Do you like it?”
“Wow... That’s my favourite!” Budi said.
“Hmm.... I think I am not interesting.” Tono replied.
Tono get the last chance for asking about their favorite food, “I like Hamburger! What do you think?”
“Yeah... I like it!” Reny replied.
“I think..... That’s not a good lunch to make my stomach be fulfilled.” Budi replied with a disappointed face.
They started to confuse, what kind of food they would buy when they were in the city center. A minute later, the cloud became dark, it was a sign that the rain would come. Budi, Tono, and Reny were walking faster. It was drizzling. Budi, Toni, and Reny were looking for a shelter. Budi asked Tono and Reni to take shelter in a restaurant placed not too far from their location.
And then they entered the restaurant and sat on the restaurant chairs. A minute later, a waiter was coming close to them, and asking, “What will you order boys and girl?
And then they were looking at the restaurant menu. They were confused. They did not know how to answer the waiters’ question. They were looking at each other. Then Tono asked the waiter,” Don’t you have others menu?”
“I am so sorry, our restaurant was not serving others menu beside vegetarian food.” The waiters said.
Budi then asked Reni and Tono with a whisper,” Do you both like vegetable?”
Unexpectedly, Tono and Reny did not like vegetable soup. But they would feel ashamed if they were ordering nothing at all, because they had entered the restaurant. So forcedly they were ordering 3 vegetable soups and 3 beverages.
After they ordered some food, they were blaming each other because they had entered a wrong place. A minute later, a waiter was coming to them with the vegetable soups and beverages their order.

After praying together, They started to taste the food lied on the table. Hopefully, they could enjoy the vegetable soups. After discussing, Budi, Tono, and Reny aware that the vegetable soups were tasted so delicious because they were having the lunch together. Started from that day, their friendship became closer. They often did anything together. All their problems would be easier to solve if they were solving the problems together. Togetherness would make everything became easier and more fun.



In a sunny and clear day, in a shady forest, a kitten was waking up from her slumber. That day, he was awaking earlier than usual. He was awakening because he smelt a nice aroma of a cake. She feelt so anxious, Katie was immediately walked to the kitchen of her house. In the kitchen, she watched her mother was cooking Brownies cake.

“Mama.... I smell a nice aroma of Brownies cake, and It makes me awaken.” Katie said while rubbing her eyes.

“I have been cooking these for Uncle Pussy, honey... . Today is his birthday. Mama wants to cook something special for him. These cakes will be sent to your uncle’s house.” Mama replied.

“Hmmm... Would you please if I send these cakes myself for Uncle Pussy?” Katie asked.

Mama was thinking for a minute, “A forest is a dangerous place for a kitten like Katie. But... I also want Katie to learn about life in the forest. I think if Katie is sending these Brownies cakes, so she will learn about life in the forest so much.”

And then Mama says,” Okay... . I will let you sending these Brownies cakes to uncle Pussy. But you have to obey my advices that I will give to you. Will you?” Mama said firmly.

“Yes Mama... Of course I will obey all your advice and keep the promises you give. What advices are those, Mam?”

“When you meet a river, You do not draw near the river, moreover play around the river. When you meet a mouse, do not chase the mouse. If you find a Poisoned Flower, do not touch, smell, moreover pick the flower. This is the picture of the poisoned flower....” Then Mama was showing the picture of the Poisoned Flower to Katie, so she could recognize the characteristics of the flower.”

Afterward, Mama continued his statement, ”Uhmmm.... . Maybe that’s all. Are you sure, you can keep your promises?”

“Ok Ma... I promise I will obey your advices.“ Katie said firmly.

A minute later, the cakes were ripe. Mama then packaged the cakes in a box. After packaging process was finished, Mama gave the box of Brownies cake to Katie. Afterward, Katie said goodbye to Mom for sending the Brownies cakes to uncle Pussy. Kattie walked out from the house and entered the forest who was well-known as a dangerous forest. But Katie would always remember Mama’s advices. If she obeyed it, she was sure that she would be safe.

In the journey, Katie was seeing a river which is very calm. The water was very clear. Katie became so thirsty. Katie wanted to take a bath and made fresh her body in the river, or drank some water of the river. But she did not know the river’s depth. Immediately, Katie remembered about one of her promises. If she found a river, she might not to get near the river. Katie felt so anxious; she wanted to know why Mama Forbided her to near the river. In fact, the river looked so clear and calm. In the river, some stones and pebbles were visible. It means that the river was not too deep. Katie was stay searching the river. Then he looked at a deer were walking near to river. The deer plunged his feet to the river. The deer was still seen standing on the surface of the river. The deer was drinking the fresh water. Unconsciously, Katie’s feet were moving closer to the river.

A minute later, suddenly, there was a creature with a wide mouth from the water. The creature had sharp teeth, hefty body, long tail, long mouth, and firm jagged skin. The creature was a crocodile. He was eating the deer alive. The deer had no time to escape because the distance between the deer and the crocodile was so close. Watching that incident, of course Katie was shocked. Katie was running away fasty. Apparently, one of the big stones that appear in the river was a crocodile waiting a victim. Katie was very grateful; he had a good luck to keep his promise.

And then Katie continued her journey. He would be more careful in the forest to avoid the dangerous. In the journey, he watched a flower which was very big and beautiful. The colour of the flower was very red with a wide crown. The yellow sparkling pistils could be seen like a diamond. Katie wanted to get close to the flower. She wanted to smell and pick the flower. Before she steped forward to the beauty flower, Katie was reminded about the Poisoned Flower which was ever be told by her mom.

“It is right, the characteristics of the flower is the same as the flower that has ever been shown to me in a picture. But is the flower is really danger, whereas the flower seems so beautiful,” Katie said in her heart.

A minute later, there was a bee coming close to flower. The bee was flying around the flower. Firstly, the bee was fine, but fifteen seconds later the bee was falling down. Katie looked at the bee. The bee was not move again. Then Katie was looking under the flower plant. In the surface of the ground around the Poisoned Flower, there were many insect corpses. There were some butterflies, bees, dragonfly, spider, and moreover there was a rabbit.

Katie was thinking, “The flower is really dangerous. It will be better for me to not too close to the flower, or I will die.”

Slowly, Katie kept away from the flower and left the flower. Katie was continuing her step to her uncle’s house.

The day was very hot, because it was the middle of the day. The sun was brighter than before. Kattie wanted to have a rest for awhile. Suddenly, before Katie sat on the ground, Katie was watching a little mouse running. As a cat, of course Katie was interested to chase the mouse, although the mouse was not for eaten. Katie was a little mouse; of course she liked to play chasing the mouse. But Katie remembered about one of her promises. She promised to not chasing a mouse. Katie wanted to keep her promises and obey her mother’s advice.

But Katie still felt anxious about why Mama forbids her to chase the mouse in the forest. Katie was continually looking at the mouse thoroughly from the far distance. Katie saw the mouse could jump from one branch to the others easily. For a cat, of course the movements were very difficult to be done. And Katie saw a swamp. Then Katie was looking around the forest thoroughly, there were many dangerous swamps around the forest. For a mouse that had a small and light body, of course it wouldl be an easy thing to pass the swamps. But for a cat, it would be a difficult and an impossible thing to do. Fortunately, Katie was not chasing the mouse. If she was chasing the mouse, she could sink in the swamp.

Katie became more careful to step her feet. Five minutes later, Uncle Pussy’s house was seen from the far distance. Katie was very happy because she could survive from all the dangerous. Katie was also grateful because she could reach her uncle’s house safely. All of the things could be happened because she keeps her promise.

Katie was coming to Uncle Pussy’s house in the evening time. Uncle Pussy was welcoming Katie happily and proudly, because a little Katie could deliver the Brownies cakes herself. Katie was very happy too because besides she could follow to enjoy the Brownies cakes made by Mama, Katie had also got many precious experiences for her life.

“Happy Birthday Uncle Pussy, I will give the yummy Brownies cake made by Mama and a great story for you as your Birthday present!!”

The Balloon Monster

The Balloon Monster

Jenny so confuse, because one of her shirt button was gone. Jenny was trying to find in her cupboard and her bedroom, but she still could not find her missing button. Jenny aware that she was waited by her friends to play in the yard where was located in the middle of the village. Jenny then found a good idea. Jenny then came upon her mom in the garden.
“Mama... Do you have a safety pin? One of my buttons is missing. I want to use a safety pin to replace my missing button.” She asked her mom.
Then Mama groped the pocket of her shirt. In the pocket, Jenny’s Mom found a safety pin.
“Here is this.... You may use it.” Mama said while giving a safety pin.
Jenny then accept the safety pin, then she use it to her shirt. Afterward, Jenny was saying goodbye to Mama. Mama shaked her hand to Jenny, who walked to the entrance.
Jenny was walking herself in the forest. Jenny was a little scared to be alone, because some people said that in the forest was a monster who liked to kidnap children. But the realities of the rumors were not proven yet. The rumors stated that some children were missing when they were walking alone. Jenny did not pay attention too much about the rumors which was not proven the reality yet.
Now, Jenny was near from the river, and Jenny had to cross it. She had to use a small bridge, but it was so long. The wide of the bridge was so little. It was the same as one person’s body. Although she felt a little scare, but Jenny was trying to be brave to cross the bridge. She grasped both side of the bridge rope. Jenny walked step by step, from one tip of the bridge to another.
Suddenly, from the far distance, Jenny saw a strange thing. The thing was jumping on the water. From the far distance, the thing looked so small. The thing was closer, and the thing looked bigger. Jenny could see clearly that the thing was a monster. The monster was so big. The shape looked like a balloon. The monster was laughing while moving closer to Jenny. The monster was round headed and had a round big stomach. He was jumping on the water and aiming to her. Jenny could not run because it was too dangerous. She had to walk and kept the balance to prevent herslelf fall into the river. Now, Jenny could just stand stiffly while he looked at he monster who was ready to pounce on her.
When the monster was very close to Jenny, the monster was taking the little Jenny with his long hand. Jenny could not against the monster. The monster was grasping Jenny’s stomach firmly. Jenny almost could not breathe because of the monster’s grasping. Jenny’s body was now flying in the balloon monster’s hand.
Jenny was trying to be calm to face the situation. Jenny hade ever been given an advice by her Mama, that she had to be calm when she was facing a bad situation. Then Jenny started to calm herself down to make her thinking clearly. Jenny’s fingers were trying to feel the monster’s skin. Jenny could feel that the monster’s skin was so rubbery and elastic like a balloon. Jenny could also feel that in the monster’s skin was a lot of air inside.
Jenny remembered that a balloon could be blow if it was pricked by a needle. Jenny wanted to try this and wanted to know what happened to the monster. Jenny did not want to think too long. Jenny took a needle which was used in his shirt. Jenny prepared the sharp part of the needle to be imbedded on the monster’s body. When the needle was imbedded on the monster’s body, a sound of explosion was heard loudly,”BOOOOMM!!!” The monster’s body which was so big now was blowing. The small body of Jenny was flied to the air and dropped in the stack of straw. The pieces of the monster’s bodies were now spreading anywhere.
Jenny felt that her body was so stiff. Jenny tried to stand. She held her parts of body which was felt so hurt. Jenny turned her head to the right and the left side. She felt that the place was not strange for her. Then Jenny tried to recall although her head was still dizzy. A minute later, Jenny could remember that the place was a Mr. Rizky’s garden. Mr. Rizky’s house was placed beside the yard where Jenny usually played around with her friends. Jenny felt so happy because he did not have to walk in the far distance to get the yard. Jenny then walked to the yard, and she saw her friends were waiting for her.

Hendy’s Surprise

Hendy’s Surprise

In the morning, Hendy was surprised by his Mom’s voice with a loud voice,” Hendy, It has been six o’clock A.M. You have to wake up immediately! You have to go to school, right?”
Of course Hendy was so shocked to what his Mom did. Hendy woke up immediately. He did not want his Mom became angrier. Hendy still did not know why his Mom looked so different than usual. After taking a bath and wearing tidy clothes, Hendy walked to the dinning table immediately to enjoy the breakfast there. There were Mama and Papa waiting and sitting on the dinning table.
“Why do you take time so long? We have been waiting for you for a long time here!” Hendy’s Papa said loudly.
Then Hendy was asking for pardon to Mama and Papa because he had made them waiting for a long time. Afterward, they were having breakfast together. In the first sop, Hendy tasted that the food was so flavorless.
“What’s wrong Hendy? Come on you have to finish your breakfast! You have to go to school immediately!” Mama said.
Hendy did not want to make his Mom to be angry. Hendy was trying to finish his breakfast though it was tasted flavorless. Finally, Hendy could finish his breakfast though it was so hard for him.
After finishing his breakfast, Hendy was saying goodbye to Mama and Papa. And then Hendy went to school by his bicycle. Mama’s and Papa’s faces were really scared that morning. In the school, Hendy hoped that his friends would make him fun. Unexpectedly, Hendy’s schoolmate looked so strange that day. Their behaviors looked so resent and cool.
After the bell school was ringing, Hendy went home immediately. He did not want Mama and Papa became angry when he was going home. He wanted his Mama and Papa happy if he was going home on time.
When Hendy was going home, Hendy felt so strange. She could not find his Papa and Mama in the house. He was looking for his parents from one room to the others, but he could not find them. Hendy was thinking for a minute and guessing, “Probably, Mama and Papa was so angry this morning. Then they were leaving the house with say nothing?”
Afterwards, Hendy walked to the dinning table. Hendy was so surprised, because she saw there were many foods on the table. The food looked so delicious. He started to suspect about some strangers thing happened today.
A minute later, Mama and Papa were coming from the door of the dinning room. They sang a song”,”Happy Birthday to you.... Happy Birthday to you.... Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday to Hendy....” Afterward, Hendy remembered that today was his birthday. Then some people were coming. They were Hendy’s schoolmate. Apparently, Mama and Papa had arranged all of these. Hendy was so happy that day. Hendy, Mama, Papa, and all Hendy’s friends were having lunch together happily to celebrate Hendy’s birthday that was full of surprises.

Dragon Breath

In a school was a little, clever and beautiful girl. The little girl was called as Sherly. Many people were admiring her beauty and her intelegency. On the other hand, She had a bad manner. She never brushed her teeth before she was going to school. Sherly’s Mom often reminded her to brush her teeth before she went to school. But Sherly always denied her Mama’s advice. She never felt that she had a smell breath.
After a long time, Sherly awared that there were many of her friends kept away from her. Sherly became so sad about what happened to her. Then Sherly reported this case to her Mom.
“Mama... Now, I don’t have any friend. There were many friends of mine said that I have a smell breath.” Sherly said sadly.
Hearing her lovely daughther’s moan, Mama was just smilling and saying,”I’ve said that you do not forget to brush your teeth before you go to school. Started from now, would you brush your teeth before going to school?”
After that, Sherly always brushed her teeth before going to school. If Sherly was forgotthen, Mama always reminded Sherly, and Sherly would be obidient. Sherly’s friends became more and more increase in number, because they did not smell a bad smell which was coming from Sherly’s mouth.

Rabby and The Cherries

Rabby and The Cherries

The day was so shiny. A rabbit walked in the middle of the forest. That rabbit was called Rabby. A minute later, he watched to a grape tree which was so high. Rabby was observing the tree carefully. On the tree was a bunch of cherries. The cherries were so fresh and ready to eat. Rabby wanted to eat the cherries.
The bunch of cherries was not too high from the surface of the land. Firstly, Rabby thought to climb the tree. But Rabby was a coward, so he was not audacious to climb the tree.

And then Rabby was trying to jump to pick the fruit. Unexpectedly, his jumping was not too high to reach the cherries.
Afterward, he started to think,”Hmmm.... actually I have a picker fruit stick, but the stick was still in my house. I am so truant to go home and take the stick. The distance from this place to my house is so far.”
Rabby was trying to find another idea to get the cherries in an easier way. A minute later, he had a new idea. Rabby walked to the river where was located near from the tree. There were many stones in the river. After taking one stone, Rabby started to peer at the cherries. Then he threw the stone to the cherries.
Rabby’s toss was hitting the cherries. Some cherries were broken because of Rabby’s toss, and some of them were fallen on the ground. Cherries were soft fruit, so the cherries which fallen on the ground were broken and soiled. Finally, Rabby was going home with out any cherry.

Before We Start The Class

Buddy’s Flattery

Buddy’s flattery

A cat was walking with a cake in her mouth. The cat was called as Blacky. Blacky would bring the cake to his house, so that he could enjoy the cake patiently and calmly.

In the journey, when she was climbing a tree, she met a dog who was called as Buddy. Buddy was known as a braggart and also a liar dog. Seeing Blacky had been bringing a piece of cake, Buddy called Blacky and said,”Blacky... . Today you look so pretty. With your black sparkle fur, you look so sweet. Your eyes look so sharp and beauty and gush like stars. Your movements were so supple and will admire every creature that was seeing you.
Hearing Buddy’s braggart, Blacky was fallen asleep. Blacky was really like to be lauded. Her heart was flying away because she felt a special happiness when she was lauded.

Blacky continued his flattery, “I know that a beautiful creature like you has also a beautiful voice. Would you please singing a song for me?

Blacky knew and felt that he has a beautiful voice. So unconsciously Blacky’s mouth was opened and ready to show her beautiful voice. But after Blacky was just opening her mouth, unconsciously Blacky has dropped the cake to the ground. Apparently, Blacky was forgotten if she brought a piece of cake because of Buddy’s flattery. Immediately, Buddy caught the cake with his feet. Blacky could not do anything.

Then Buddy said happily, “Thanks Blacky for the cake. I have paid the cake with my flatteries! Have a nice day.....”

Gala and Hari

Gala and Hari

Hay.... My name was Gala. I was a kind of wild animal that was called as wolf. I had a friend that was called as Hari. He was a kind of tiger. In my forest, wild animals had a very good relation. I had many wild animal friends, like lions, bear, puma, etc. We often hunted together, played around together, walked together, and did many activities.

One day, I heard that Hari’s Granny was sick. I wanted to look her out. I bought some cakes that would be given to her. I did not know her too much. I hope that my visiting would make the relation between the tiger and the wolf became better.

I was getting out form my house in the morning. I hoped that I could go back to my house before the night of the day.

In my journey, I met Hari. Apparently, Hari also wanted to visit his Granny, who had been ill. Hari was a bad tampered tiger. He was easy to be angry. If he was angry, he would hit the one who made him angry. He was so easy to be angry because of a little thing.

I accepted bad treatment from Hari along the journey. If I walked to fast, he would hit me. If I walked too slowly, he would hit me. Hari was so fussy. I was getting some hits, because he felt that I did not listen to him.
I was just a wolf. I was not as strong as him. But I had wider mouth than him. It is a pity I had no guts to against him, because tiger’s social status was higher than a wolf liked me. I had to honor him. If i did not do that, I would be expelled by the wild animals.

About three hours later, we were getting to Hari’s Granny. I was asked to knock the door. I could not ignore it. A minute later, I heard some steps of foot approaching the entrance. Then the door was opened from the inside. I saw an old woman who was so lean. I started to imagine the stupid thing. I imagine a pile of bones in front of me, I like that. I really liked deer bone, and that was my favourite. As a wild animal, of course she knew what I thought about. Hari’s Granny then felt that there was a wolf ready to pounce on her.
Spontaneously, Hari’s Granny was shouting loudly,”Huaaaaaa....!!!!”

Hearing the scream of Hari’s Granny, when she was seeing me, Hari of course became so angry. He then hit me from the back. My body was pushed to the front. Hari hit me hardily; it made me spontaneously shouting too. I shouted, Ouch....Ma....” Actually, I would shout,” Ouch... Mama...”, but before I said the second “Ma”, my opened and pushed to the front had unconsciously swallowed Hari’s Granny who was fainted. My head was so dizzy because of Hari’s hit, my breath was choked off because of my overly full stomach. Seeing the incident, Hari did not help me, and even he was hitting my head again. Finally, I was fainted.

When I was in fainted condition, Hari became so confuse. He then immediately ran to call the ambulance with a phone call in his Granny house. A minute later, the ambulance was coming. I was taken to the hospital by the ambulance.

When I was regained consciousness, I saw Hari and his Granny beside me. They were sitting on a chair. Hari felt so sorry because he had hit me and made me swallow his Granny’s body unconsciously. Fortunately, Hari’s Granny was fine. Hari told me that I was getting Caesar surgery to take Hari’s Granny out from my body. I thought that It seemed like a way to take a baby. I also saw some sutures on my stomach.

Since that time, Hari was changing. Hari became more patient and never hit anymore. Now, Hari was my good friend, we often hunted deer and rabbit together.