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In a sunny and clear day, in a shady forest, a kitten was waking up from her slumber. That day, he was awaking earlier than usual. He was awakening because he smelt a nice aroma of a cake. She feelt so anxious, Katie was immediately walked to the kitchen of her house. In the kitchen, she watched her mother was cooking Brownies cake.

“Mama.... I smell a nice aroma of Brownies cake, and It makes me awaken.” Katie said while rubbing her eyes.

“I have been cooking these for Uncle Pussy, honey... . Today is his birthday. Mama wants to cook something special for him. These cakes will be sent to your uncle’s house.” Mama replied.

“Hmmm... Would you please if I send these cakes myself for Uncle Pussy?” Katie asked.

Mama was thinking for a minute, “A forest is a dangerous place for a kitten like Katie. But... I also want Katie to learn about life in the forest. I think if Katie is sending these Brownies cakes, so she will learn about life in the forest so much.”

And then Mama says,” Okay... . I will let you sending these Brownies cakes to uncle Pussy. But you have to obey my advices that I will give to you. Will you?” Mama said firmly.

“Yes Mama... Of course I will obey all your advice and keep the promises you give. What advices are those, Mam?”

“When you meet a river, You do not draw near the river, moreover play around the river. When you meet a mouse, do not chase the mouse. If you find a Poisoned Flower, do not touch, smell, moreover pick the flower. This is the picture of the poisoned flower....” Then Mama was showing the picture of the Poisoned Flower to Katie, so she could recognize the characteristics of the flower.”

Afterward, Mama continued his statement, ”Uhmmm.... . Maybe that’s all. Are you sure, you can keep your promises?”

“Ok Ma... I promise I will obey your advices.“ Katie said firmly.

A minute later, the cakes were ripe. Mama then packaged the cakes in a box. After packaging process was finished, Mama gave the box of Brownies cake to Katie. Afterward, Katie said goodbye to Mom for sending the Brownies cakes to uncle Pussy. Kattie walked out from the house and entered the forest who was well-known as a dangerous forest. But Katie would always remember Mama’s advices. If she obeyed it, she was sure that she would be safe.

In the journey, Katie was seeing a river which is very calm. The water was very clear. Katie became so thirsty. Katie wanted to take a bath and made fresh her body in the river, or drank some water of the river. But she did not know the river’s depth. Immediately, Katie remembered about one of her promises. If she found a river, she might not to get near the river. Katie felt so anxious; she wanted to know why Mama Forbided her to near the river. In fact, the river looked so clear and calm. In the river, some stones and pebbles were visible. It means that the river was not too deep. Katie was stay searching the river. Then he looked at a deer were walking near to river. The deer plunged his feet to the river. The deer was still seen standing on the surface of the river. The deer was drinking the fresh water. Unconsciously, Katie’s feet were moving closer to the river.

A minute later, suddenly, there was a creature with a wide mouth from the water. The creature had sharp teeth, hefty body, long tail, long mouth, and firm jagged skin. The creature was a crocodile. He was eating the deer alive. The deer had no time to escape because the distance between the deer and the crocodile was so close. Watching that incident, of course Katie was shocked. Katie was running away fasty. Apparently, one of the big stones that appear in the river was a crocodile waiting a victim. Katie was very grateful; he had a good luck to keep his promise.

And then Katie continued her journey. He would be more careful in the forest to avoid the dangerous. In the journey, he watched a flower which was very big and beautiful. The colour of the flower was very red with a wide crown. The yellow sparkling pistils could be seen like a diamond. Katie wanted to get close to the flower. She wanted to smell and pick the flower. Before she steped forward to the beauty flower, Katie was reminded about the Poisoned Flower which was ever be told by her mom.

“It is right, the characteristics of the flower is the same as the flower that has ever been shown to me in a picture. But is the flower is really danger, whereas the flower seems so beautiful,” Katie said in her heart.

A minute later, there was a bee coming close to flower. The bee was flying around the flower. Firstly, the bee was fine, but fifteen seconds later the bee was falling down. Katie looked at the bee. The bee was not move again. Then Katie was looking under the flower plant. In the surface of the ground around the Poisoned Flower, there were many insect corpses. There were some butterflies, bees, dragonfly, spider, and moreover there was a rabbit.

Katie was thinking, “The flower is really dangerous. It will be better for me to not too close to the flower, or I will die.”

Slowly, Katie kept away from the flower and left the flower. Katie was continuing her step to her uncle’s house.

The day was very hot, because it was the middle of the day. The sun was brighter than before. Kattie wanted to have a rest for awhile. Suddenly, before Katie sat on the ground, Katie was watching a little mouse running. As a cat, of course Katie was interested to chase the mouse, although the mouse was not for eaten. Katie was a little mouse; of course she liked to play chasing the mouse. But Katie remembered about one of her promises. She promised to not chasing a mouse. Katie wanted to keep her promises and obey her mother’s advice.

But Katie still felt anxious about why Mama forbids her to chase the mouse in the forest. Katie was continually looking at the mouse thoroughly from the far distance. Katie saw the mouse could jump from one branch to the others easily. For a cat, of course the movements were very difficult to be done. And Katie saw a swamp. Then Katie was looking around the forest thoroughly, there were many dangerous swamps around the forest. For a mouse that had a small and light body, of course it wouldl be an easy thing to pass the swamps. But for a cat, it would be a difficult and an impossible thing to do. Fortunately, Katie was not chasing the mouse. If she was chasing the mouse, she could sink in the swamp.

Katie became more careful to step her feet. Five minutes later, Uncle Pussy’s house was seen from the far distance. Katie was very happy because she could survive from all the dangerous. Katie was also grateful because she could reach her uncle’s house safely. All of the things could be happened because she keeps her promise.

Katie was coming to Uncle Pussy’s house in the evening time. Uncle Pussy was welcoming Katie happily and proudly, because a little Katie could deliver the Brownies cakes herself. Katie was very happy too because besides she could follow to enjoy the Brownies cakes made by Mama, Katie had also got many precious experiences for her life.

“Happy Birthday Uncle Pussy, I will give the yummy Brownies cake made by Mama and a great story for you as your Birthday present!!”

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