Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

The Strongest

Translation of the conversation in the picture:
Orange Cat: Hei Stripped Cat...Where will you go??
Stripped Cat: I am not as strong as you. It would be better if I am going away from this place.
I have a date with Mr. Tiger, I will walk around the forest with him, and with Mr. Crocodile, I will brush his teeth today.

Three cats were chatting in a forest. They were orange cat, black cat, and stripped cat. The orange cat had a quite big body. He had a fast running skill and very agile. The black cat had a big body. The size of his body was almost the same as dog. Lastly, there was a stripped cat. He had a slim and weak body. They were showing their skill and strength.

Orange Cat : Hi friends... I had ever bitten a dog. When the dog was sleeping, I bite him at his tail, and I was escapping. Hahahahaha.... The dog was saying..”Aiiing...Aiing....”. He could not chase me.I ran immadeately.

Black Cat `: Ahhh... That was nothing. Yesterday, I had challenged a wolf to fight with me. We asked him to fight until one of us was giving up. And... Look at me now friends.... I still alive.

Two cats had told his skills and strengths. The stripped cat was the last to tell his skill and strength. The orange cat was laughing at the stripped cat cynically and thought,”hahahaha.... I am lucky. There was still a stupid and weak cat here. I knew that he was worse than me.” The stripped cat was really very slim, weak, and bad.

Orange cat : Come on stripped cat.... . Tell me about your strength. We will not mock you. I know and aware that you are not as strong as us.

But the stripped cat was saying nothing and looked so unexcited. Afterward, unexpectedly, the stripped cat was going away from that place without say something. The black and orange cat of course were very angry.

Black Cat : Hei weak cat!!! Where will you go? Tell me about your strength first!!!

Stripped Cat : I am so sorry friends. I have no time to talk about that thing. I have a date with MR. Lion to walk around the forest. Afterward, I have a job cleaning the teeth of Mr. Crocodile.

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