Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

Cuoboard Monster

My mother and My father bought a new house. My new house was so big. The age of the house was about hundreds’ of years. The wall and the foundation of my new house was so strong and big.

I was also had a new room. In my room I found a big cupboard. The cupboard was so old and it was made by strong wood. I tried to open the cupboard carefully. When I was opening the cupboard, I did not find anything in the cupboard. After I opened the cupboard, I was going out from my room to clean the outside of my new house and help my parents.

At night, after I had dinner together with Mama and Papa, I was immadiately going to my new bed room. I was very tired today, because along the day I cleaned my new house. I was lying my body on my bed, and took a nap.

When I was sleeping tightly, accidently, I listened the voice of someone knocking the door. I was awaken to see who was coming. I was looking at the door of my room. Afterward, I heard someone was knoking the door again. I knew later that the sound was not coming from the door of my room, but it was coming from the door of my cupboard.

I was walking close to the door of my cupboard. After I was standing at front of the cupboard, I said,”Who is in the cupbord?”

Then I heard some ones answering, “We are the happy and kind monsters. We are the happy monsters. Do you affraid of us?”

“I am not affraid of anything, if they are good ones.” I answered briefly.

Then the monster is answering back,”Do you promise?”

“Yes... I promise.” I answered again.

“OK... If you are not affraid of us, you may open the door.” The monsters asked me.

While I opened the door, I was answering the monsters,”OK... I will”

Afterward, I opened the cupboard slowly. Then when the door was opened, I saw three monsters in the cupboard. They were very funny. I was not affraid of their faces, because they were so funny creatures. I was so sure that they will not hurt me.

The monster had many colors skin. After I was satisfied to look at the three monsters performances, I introduced myself,” Hi... My name is John. I was the new dweller in this house. I will stay with my family. Nice to meet you... .”

The red monster was walking at front of me and introduced himself,”Hi... My name is Redy. I had eight eyes, three ears, four noses, and two mouths.”

Then they were saying together,”Nice to meet you.... .”

I replied them,”Nice to meet you too... .

That night, I could not sleep, becasue challenge the monsters to fight. We are fighting with the pillows. I called it... Pillow War. The cotton was scattered anywhere. We were playing “The Pillow War” until we were tired.

When I was so tired, I was lying my body on my bed. Unconsciously, I was slept so tightly.

In the moring, my father was waking me up angrily. When I was awaken, I saw the door of the cupboard. I could see the door of the cupboard was opened, and I did not find anyone and anything.

Then the blue monster was the next who was introducing himself,”Hi... My name is bluly. I have seven ears, six eyes, one nose, and three mouths.”

And the last monster who was introducing himself was the yellow one,”Hi... My name is Yelly. I have ten eyes, nine ears, five noses, and three mouths.

Children........ Can you draw the monsters????????????

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