Jumat, 01 Januari 2010

Lucky Runner

A kitten that was called Smily was following a run race contest. The run race was followed by some other kinds of animals. They were tiger, dog, wolf, and horse. Of course for a cat like Smilly, they were not easy to be defeated. With a strong will and high spirit, Smily was not thinking too much about who were the rivals. He was only thinking that he would do the best.

The contest would be started a minute later. Smily was on his position. His position was between the tiger and the horse. Smily felt so nervous a little bit seeing both of his rivals who had fast running skill. That horse was called Horsie and the tiger was called as Mike. Horsie said to Smily conceitedly, Smily, why don’t you chase mice anyway? I think, he will be a proper rival for you.”

Hearing the statement, Smily’s heart was so infuriated, but he was trying to hold his emotion and be patient. Then Horsie, who was hearing Horsie’s statement, was saying to Smily,”Hahahaha.... Horsie was right. You do not have big and strong body like us. It would be better if you are going home because impossible for you to win this contest. But Smilly was stay on his position, whatever would happen he would do the best. Smily looked more relax hearing their statement, because they were right.

Horsie’s and Mike’s statement were giving special spirit for Smily. Smily looked calmer and did not feel so stressed. Smily thought that if he won the contest, it can be a big gift for him. On the other hand, if he lost the contest, it will be a usual thing that should not be regretted.

A minute later, a voice of a whistle was heard. It is a sign that the run race contest had been started. All the animals that were following the run race contest were running immediately. Smily’s running skill was so far, if it was compared with the others runner. It could be seen in the beginning of the contest. Smily now was in the last position. But Smily was not giving up easily. He was trying as fast as he could, but with a calmer heart.

When he was running, he did not see if a stone, which was big enough, was lying on the way. Smily did not see the stone, so he was fallen suddenly because his foot was stumbled by the stone. The audiences, who were seeing that funny accident, were laughing. Most of them were saying some mockeries to Smily. Some of the audiences were giving spirit to Smily. On the contrary, the mockeries made Smily more and more enthusiast to run. Smily was immediately standing and continuing his running. Smily really had a great soul of winner.

Some minutes later, some runners would reach the finish line, and Smily was still in the last sequence. But Smily was still running as fast as he could, although he had only little opportunity to win the contest. Smily was thinking on and on. She would do his best in this running contest.

Suddenly, the audiences were surprised by a loud voice. Smily was pointing his view to the other runners. Apparently, the other runners were collided each other. They were running too fast, so they were very difficult to stand. Their body was in pain and hurt in serious condition.

Smily did not want to lose this opportunity. Smily ran as fast as he could to reach the finish line. Finally, Smily was passing the finish line, and Smily was in the first sequence in the running contest. All the audiences, watching the surprising moment, were giving applause to Smily. Smily’s spirit was bringing him to be a winner.

Moral Teaching:
Be confidence to get success

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