Jumat, 01 Januari 2010

Dragon Egg

In a forest, there was a farmer that was called Mr. Benny. He lived in a forest that was located far from the crowded of the city. He lived with a wife and a son. He had a goat husbandry. The numbers of his goats are 10 goats. It was not a great number, but it was very meaningful.

One night, Mr. Benny heard a roaring of wolf. He felt so fidgety. Usually, if there was a roaring of wolf, a group of wolf was located very close from his house.

One day, Mr. Benny checked his goats. He counted his goats one by none. Apparently, his anxiety was really happened. He had lost one of his goats. Now, he had only 9 goats. He still tried to think positive about that. Maybe, that missing goat was escaping from the stable.

Next day, Mr. Benny was checking his goats back. He was sad again, because he had lost another goat. Now, he had only 8 goats. Mr. Benny had become more fidgety. He kept his goats more tightly up to night. Mr. Benny had known about the weakness of the wolves. They were affraid of fire. But Mr. Benny still lost one of his goats, because she often slept when he was keeping his goats.

In the first attack, he had lost one goat. In the second attack, he had lost one more goat. In the third attack, he had lost one more goat. In the fourth attack, he had lost one more goat. Now he had only two goats. It could be concluded that the group of wolves had attacked Mr. Benny’s goats for eight times.

One day, Mr. Benny was walking around his vegetable garden while thinking about how to overcome the wolves attack. When he was walking close to the river near from his vegetable garden, Mr. Benny watched an egg that has a big size. He knew that the egg was a dragon egg. The dragon was one kind of dragon that was called “Human Eater”. Human Eater Dragon was a kind of dragon that often ate a human. Firstly, Mr. Benny wanted to crack the egg. He did not want the dragon will be endangering his family. But then Mr. Benny had another thought. He wanted to cook the dragon egg, and made the egg as a dinner side dish.

Hardily, Mr. Benny was bringing the egg with a cart. The egg was really weight and big sized, so it needed a tool to take the egg to the house. Unexpectedly, in the journey to the house, the egg was trembled. And then there was a sound,” Cluck... cluck... .” The sound was loud enough.

Mr. Benny was stopping the speed of his cart. He was running and hiding behind the tree. And then the egg was cracking itself. A head of little dragon was coming out. The size of the head was the same as an adolescent. The dragon was trying to come out from the eggshell which was covering his body. Afterward, the dragon was cracking whole remain of the eggshell. Hardily, the little dragon learnt to stand and to walk. Actually, the dragon coul walk immediately. The dragon had a pair of wing, but at that time the dragon was just learning how to stand and to walk.

Firstly, Mr. Benny, who was still keeping track of the movement of the dragon, was very frightened. But he was so anxious to know more about the little dragon. He was stay inspecting the behavior of the dragon. Mr. Benny did not know if the dragon could sniff the smell of human body from the far enough distance. Suddenly, the dragon was looking at Mr. Benny. Apparently, the dragon awared that there was someone near from him. Spontaneously, Mr. Benny was running away. Seeing Mr. Benny was running, the dragon tried to catch him.

Mr. Benny was so surprised knowing the little dragon was in front of him. The dragon child apparently can fly. As fast as Mr. Benny is running, the little dragon can chase him easily. The dragon child is roaring smoothly because the dragon child is still a baby. The dragon child is quickly nearing Mr. Benny in flying way and wagging his wings continually. Mr. Benny becomes so scared.

Mr. Benny finally gave in. He wanted the dragon child eating his body. Mr. Benny was just stooping and squatting; and he was closing his eyes. But unexpectedly the dragon child was licking Mr. Benny’s head. Mr. Benny was amused and laughing. With his own head, the little dragon was raising Mr. Benny’s body to make Mr. Benny stand and run again. Actually, the dragon child thought that Mr. Benny was asking him to play chasing and catching. “Chasing and catching” was a kind of game which was very interesting for the dragon, because the game could make his all parts of body strong, especially his legs, his hands, and his wings. That day, they were playing “chasing and catching in hours. After the evening was coming up, finally Mr. Benny was asking the dragon child to go home to his house.

That evening, Mr. Benny was introducing the dragon child to his wife and his son. They were giving a name to the dragon, they called the dragon Dracute. Tonight, Mr. Benny, his wife, and his son were having dinner together with Dracute. When they were absorbed enjoying the dinner, suddenly Dracute was hearing a sound of movement. Dracute could hear a sound in low frequency. Seeing Draco’s strange behavior, Mr. Benny was immediately watching out to the window. In the dark, Mr. Benny was watching tens wolves were nearing the stable of his goats. Aware that wolves attack, Mr. Benny asked Dracute to attack them.

“Dracute.... Attack thate group of wolf. They will eat my goats!” Mr. Benny said with a loud voice.

Immediately, Dracute was flying pass by the window of Mr. Benny’s house, and attacking the group of wolves. The group of wolves was about 15 wolves. With Dracute’s outpouring fire, Dracute could kill five wolves until they were burnt. The wolves were running scattered into the forest. Mr. Benny felt so happy tonight, because he would not lost his goats again. Tonight and next, Mr. Benny’s goats were safe.

Year by year were passing by, the number of Mr. Benny’s goats were more and more increasing. In the past, Mr. Benny had had only 2 goats, now he had 13 goats. Mr. Benny who had a son in the past, now he had 7 children. Dracute was growing more and more big and tall. Now he was a big dragon. The height of the dragon was more than a coconut tree. Dracute now was not a cutty dragon again, because the size of his body was so big.

One day, Mr. Benny and his family were shocked because they were lost a child. They were so sad. Mr. Benny still did not know the cause of the missing child. Now, Mr. Benny had only 5 children. Two more weeks, unexpectedly, Mr. Benny was lost his child. Now, how many children did Mr. Benny have? And what do you think, how could the children lose easily?